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Surprise Piedmont Park Proposal | Midtown Reflector, Atlanta

As a photographer I seek to capture genuine emotion for my clients. For this reason, there is NOTHING I love more than photographing a proposal! There is something so beautiful about both the nerves and anticipation from the one who is going to propose, to the shock and awe of the proposee (if that is not a word, it is now)!

Tyler was so excited to plan his surprise proposal at Piedmont Park! You know he's the sweetest because he told Christine lets go to the park and have a picnic first thing in the morning and she did not suspect a thing! With me lingering in the bushes near the Midtown Reflector, they stopped to "take in the view" and Tyler got down on one knee. The rest you just have to see!

After the shock had worn down a bit, we took to another section of the park so that they could enjoy their picnic while getting a posed engagement shoot! Be sure to check that out here!

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